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University of Georgia Baseball Dynamic Warm-Up

September 10, 2008

UGA strength and conditioning coach Jeremy Heffner talks about how the College World Series finalists stretch before hitting the weights

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University of Georgia Baseball Dynamic Warm-Up


Jeremy Heffner: When my athletes come in we always work on foam roller. They do a self myofascial release, that's to break up scar tissue, remove any adhesions on the muscle fibers and increase blood flow to certain areas. Basically it's just preparing the muscle, to get ready to move. After we foam roll we go into a reaching series on our lower body day. What they do is they position their feet at different angles; a traditional split squat stance is straight ahead, a lateral split squat stance where it's off to the side, and a 135 stance where their foot is pointed 135 degrees.

We go through reaches on the sagittal plain where they reach down to the floor and then overhead. We go through reaches in the front plain where they reach side to side. And then we go through reaches in the transverse plain where they take both hands and reach around their body. What we're doing there is we're really trying to loosen up the hips, mobilize the hips, and at the same time create pro-prioceptive awareness. So they're in a split stance, they're in a lateral squat, they're brains starting to turn on and say "hey, if I'm in this position, these muscles are firing here, these muscles are opening up. So that's kind of what we're looking at to do there.




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