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Roy Hibbert 540 lbs Deadlift

September 25, 2012

Indiana Pacers All-Star Center Roy Hibbert performs a 540 lbs. Deadlift as part of his off-season training. Hibbert is lifting in the Indiana Pacers weight room, preparing himself for another season in the paint by moving big weight.

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Roy Hibbert 540 lbs Deadlift
Indiana Pacers Center Roy Hibbert made his first All-Star team last season, thanks to a revamped nutrition and training plan that has helped him shed body fat and pack on lean muscle. Hibbert, here lifting in the Indiana Pacers weight room, pairs heavy Deadlifts with other exercises as part of a circuit. He does Deadlifts, followed by DB Bench , followed by a Standing DB Row, finishing up with Ab Rollouts. The Deadlift allows Hibbert to move the most weight, which translates to improve strength and balance through the lower body and trunk.
Hibbert sets up for his heaviest Deadlift of this off-season session with wrist wraps. He uses a trap bar off of racks to make sure he doesn't have to bend all the way down to the ground - Deadlifting as a true seven-footer can be difficult. Watch as he blasts out a heavy set of three with over five hundred pounds on the bar.




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