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Mike Green Explosive Keiser Rotations

September 26, 2012

Washington Capitals All-Star defenseman Mike Green performs Explosive Keiser Rotations to improve his core strength and explosion while Doug Crashley, president of Crash Conditioning, provides instruction on how to correctly perform the exercise.

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Mike Green Explosive Keiser Rotations
NHL All-Star defenseman Mike Green demonstrates how to perform Explosive Keiser Rotations and explains how it strengthens his core and hips for harder shots and better skating throughout the course of a hockey game.
See how Mike put that strength to use during his two-goal, clutch playoff performance by watching his Behind the Highlights episode.
Doug Crashley, Mike's off-season strength coach, explains that Mike uses a weight that is easy to control so that the exercise remains explosive. He makes sure that Mike hits all of the angles by performing the exercise from high-to-low and then low-to-high.
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