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The Steve Nash Off-Season Workout

October 23, 2008

In this video, Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash grinds through one of the grueling off-season basketball training sessions that have garnered him two NBA MVPs. For Steve Nash, achieving his best in basketball is gained through training sessions.

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The Steve Nash Off-Season Workout
Head strength and conditioning coach for the Phoenix Suns, Erik Phillips, walks us through Steve Nash's off-season workout.
Nash breaks up his weigh training routine into three separate categories: leg days, chest/back days, and shoulder/arm days.
In this video, STACK follows Nash through a chest and back workout, where he adds elements of instability to his strength and power exercises.
Ball-handling basketball players spend a lot of time on the court on one leg. Therefore, it is wise to train balance in the weight room, which can improve your skills on the court. First-step quickness, and one-leg balance can be improved through single-leg stabilization exercises.
Single leg stabilization is extremely important for Nash on the court; therefore, he spends time in the weight room improving his stability and balance. His athletic approach to isolating a muscle groups is apparent during the six exercises he performs in the video.
Setting goals and working hard during the off-season gives Nash the necessary confidence in his abilities to go hard all season long.
Check out the video for each exercise here:
Alternating Steve Nash Single-Leg, Single-Arm RowAlternating Med Ball Push-Up With Steve NashThe Split-StancPerfect the Single Arm Physioball Dumbbell Bench With Steve NashThe Physioball DumThe Split-Stance Med Ball Chest Pass With Steve NashThe Physioball Dumbbell Row With Steve NashPoint Guard Overhead Med Ball Throws With Steve Nash




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