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East Brunswick High School's Chocolate Milk Phenomenon

October 9, 2012

Phil Hossler, head athletic trainer at East Brunswick High School, is helping student-athletes recover faster and stronger than ever by making low-fat chocolate milk available after games and practices.

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East Brunswick High School's Chocolate Milk Phenomenon
East Brunswick High School fields teams in 29 different sports throughout the school year, with more than 1,000 student-athletes participating in sports programs. Phil Hossler, certified athletic trainer with more than 29 years of experience in the field, oversees the athletic training program at East Brunswick H.S. and played a significant role in teaching student-athletes about the values of consuming chocolate milk as a post-activity recovery drink. Hossler first introduced the practice of consuming chocolate milk post-activity to the wrestling program at East Brunswick. The wrestling team adopted the chocolate milk recovery routine, and soon, all of the teams at East Brunswick were seeking chocolate milk after practice and workouts. Drinking chocolate milk after practice and workouts provides numerous benefits. Low-fat chocolate milk contains protein and carbohydrates, making it ideal for repairing sore and damaged muscles. B vitamins help boost energy and vitamin D improves bone strength. Furthermore, chocolate milk is good source of calcium and potassium. As Hossler says, "Who's going to argue with teenagers drinking more milk?" While chocolate milk was available to students at East Brunswick through the cafeteria in the morning before school and during lunch, Hossler saw a need to further expand the availability of chocolate milk to student-athletes to meet their post-activity recovery needs. So Hossler worked with the school's local milk distributor to arrange a special delivery of chocolate milk to the athletic trainer's office. Through Hossler's chocolate milk REFUEL program, student-athletes are able to purchase low-fat chocolate milk from Hossler after their team's practices and workouts. The result is a convenient, affordable means for student-athletes to properly recover by consuming chocolate milk.




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