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Brek Shea Push-Up to T

October 10, 2012

FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea performs the Push-Up to T exercise to develop upper-body and core strength, which allows him to fight past contact and take more powerful shots on goal once he takes the field.

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Brek Shea Push-Up to T
MLS star Brek Shea demonstrates his key core and upper-body strengthening exercise, the Push-Up to T. Brek begins in a Push-Up position holding two light dumbbells in his hands. At the top of the Push-Up movement, Brek rotates to the side and raises one arm straight toward the ceiling. He lowers to the start and repeats on the other side.
Like a standard Push-Up, the movment strengthens Brek's chest, tricep and shoulder muscles. The added rotation forces Brek's core and balancing shoulder to activate, which improves strength and stability in these crucial muscles.
Once he takes the field, this added core and upper-body strength and stability allows Brek to fight through defenders and power explosive shots on goal.
Watch Brek put this ability on display during his epic game-winning goal against Toronto, which is featured in our Behind the Highlights video series.
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