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Behind the Highlights: Tobin Heath’s Amazing Double Nutmeg

November 28, 2012

U.S Women's National Soccer star Tobin Heath breaks down her double nutmeg against Canada in 2009 and explains how her approach to fueling and training helped her execute this technical skill late in the game when other players were slowing down.

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Behind the Highlights: Tobin Heathâs Amazing Double Nutmeg
In the eighth episode of STACK's Behind the Highlights video series, U.S. soccer star Tobin Heath explains how she executed an impressive double nutmeg by playing the ball through the legs of two Canadian defenders during a break on goal.
Tobin discusses how her focus on soccer skills, such as dribbling, juggling and passing, as well as exercises that strengthen her legs made this play possible. Tobin has always performed individual soccer drills that force her to become comfortable using all surfaces of her feet to control the ball and practices these drills daily. Once she masters the movements on her own, she then incorporates them into practice and then games.
Additionally, Tobin knows the importance of improving the strength and endurance of her leg muscles so that she can execute these technical skills late in a game. She performs various plyometrics and other exercises that strengthen her glutes, quads and hamstrings.
Learn how to perform these key exercises by watching Tobin's training videos below:
-Closed-Space Dribbling
-Box Jump/Juggling Combo
-Lower-Body Circuit
Tobin also discusses how her fueling strategy helps her maintain focus and energy late in games. Tobin eats up to four meals during the day leading up to a night game and makes sure to eat half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before taking the field. She also hydrates with water and sports drinks to prevent any cramping or fatigue. This ensures that she has energy to compete for a full 90 minutes plus any overtime period that might result.




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