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Nail Yakupov's Tire Flips and Overhead Rope Prowler Pull Combo

March 25, 2013

NHL forward Nail Yakupov increase his on-ice strength and first-step quickness with these two full-body power exercises

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Nail Yakupov's Tire Flips and Overhead Rope Prowler Pull Combo
NHL forward Nail Yakupov increases his on-ice strength and power with the Tire Flip and Overhead Rope Pull Combo to improve his ability to battle with physically imposing defensemen. "We have a little bit of a strongman and track influence," adds Joe Neal, 2SP head performance coach. "This builds full-body strength and shocks the core, while still improving his first-step quickness."

Tire Flips

- Squat and get solid grip with hands under tire
- Drive through heels, extending hips, knees and ankles
- Forcefully shrug shoulders and catch tire at shoulder level
- Keep forward momentum and push through with arms to flip tire
- Flip tire in opposite direction; repeat for specified reps
- Sets/Reps: 3x4

Overhead Rope Prowler Pull

- Attach thick rope to sled
- Hold both ends of rope overhead with straight arms and body in 45-degree angle
- Begin sprinting by powerfully driving legs; keep core tight and run in straight line
- Pull sled as fast as possible for specified distance
- Sets/Distance: 3x15 yards




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