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Real Workouts: Steven Jackson

March 22, 2013

Join All-Pro RB Steven Jackson in the weight room as he trains for the grind of the NFL season.

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Real Workouts: Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson trains to develop maximum strength in the most explosive manner possible, which enables him to transfer those strength gains into speed that can be applied on the football field.
Jackson begins the workout by performing a Top Half-Squat. He adds 45-pound chains to each end of the barbell to overlaod his body during the top portion of the Squat. "We add the heavy chains because it works the explosiveness coming up from the bottom of the Squat," Jackson says. "I always like to push my body to the limit. It feels good, especially when I'm able to lift the weight as easily as I was able to on that last set."
From there, Jackson performs a Glute Ham Raise and Back Extension to help strengthen the posterior chain, which is an important element for speed development.
Then, Jackson performs a Reverse Sled Pull and Prowler Sled Drive, which helps him transfer strength to the field while also developing his conditioning.




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