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Long Toss Drill With David Wright

May 12, 2009

Looking for long toss drills that work? David Wright performs Long Toss to improve his arm strength for the current MLB season. The All-Star third baseman also discusses the key coaching points and benefits of the baseball drill.

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Long Toss Drill With David Wright


David Wright talks about long toss drills.

Long Toss Drill

David Wright: Working on your throwing there's a lot of shoulder exercises we do, but mainly it's just long toss drills and trying to strengthen it. You get sore easily earlier in spring so you try to get on a plan where maybe you long toss two or three times a week and really try to stretch it out, get some air under the ball. Because from third base it's somewhat of a long throw to begin with so you really have to work on lengthening it out and making sure that come game time your shoulder's strong enough to get it across the diamond.
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