Elite Performance With Mike Boyle: Teach Any Athlete How To Squat Properly

December 23, 2013

In this episode of STACK Elite Performance, Mike Boyle demonstrates three exercises that can teach proper Squat form to any athlete.
In this episode of STACK Elite Performance, Mike Boyle, owner of Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, explains how to teach athletes to Squat with three variations of the exercise.
He recommends the Goblet Squat to teach the basic movement pattern and correct technique flaws that are caused by core and ankle mobility issues. Boyle has seen immediate improvements in over 90% of his athletes with this one technique.
He also suggests blocking their heels with five-pound plates if further corrections are needed. If their knees have a tendency of collapsing inwards, then it's best to wrap a mini-band around their legs to active their glutes.
Each of these variations can be performed on their own or combined in a progression as demonstrated by Boyle. To start, he recommends having your athletes perform three sets of 10 reps.