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How Tim Howard Starts Strong

July 22, 2013

Discover how United States men's national soccer team goalkeeper Tim Howard primes for a strong start for each workout, practice session and game.

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How Tim Howard Starts Strong
It's important for Tim Howard to have a strong start. He says, "That's where everything begins and ends. You can't get to the middle part or the end without starting strong. Whether it's hitting the weights, eating right, training or game time, the start is always so vitally important."
Gatorade Prime Energy Chews have been "a revelation" to Howard. "It's easy to eat, it's quick, and you know you're getting your fuel from that," he said. Gatorade Prime Energy Chews help Howard start each game, practice and workout strong. It all starts with Howard's pre-game routine, during which he performs the same warm-up exercises and drills each and every time. "It's very specific, because it allows me to get into the groove mentally that I need to be in," he said. Howard performs dynamic warm-up exercises such as Long Strides and High Knees followed by some static stretches targeting the hamstrings, quads and other lower-body muscles. From there, he advances to his ball-handling routine, which consists of Straightforward Volleys and Half-Volleys, then he hits the ground for some low ball work, increasing the tempo by taking some crosses and shooting. Howard says, "When you finish the warm-up, it allows you to have that feel-good factor, that 'I'm ready now.' I've done all the hard work during the week, I've eaten right, done my stretching, and now it's time for game time."




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