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Dwight Freeney Ab Training: Toe Touch Variations

June 10, 2009

Indianapolis Colts Pro Bowl D-End Dwight Freeney performs Toe Touch Variations as part of his core strengthening warm-up with coaching by William Hicks, Syracuse assistant athletics director for athletic performance.

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Dwight Freeney Ab Training: Toe Touch Variations
Dwight Freeney Strengthens his core by performing toe touch exercises that work the core at the same time they are working the hamstrings.


William Hicks: Feet straight up in the air, basically what you're doing is you're working your core strength but at the same time you're putting your hamstrings in a pre-stretch position. And by keeping your toes pulled back you're activating the heel core. Work the hamstring at the same time you're working the core string.

From that one we went to a right leg up, left leg out. Now you change and bring more hip flexor into play. The way Dwight's built, he's so heavy legged through the tremendous size of his thighs that if his hip flexors aren't strong he's not controlling picking his own feet up and putting them down. Try to keep the legs as straight as possible because you want it to aid into your flexibility work in conjunction with your Ab work.

Same thing when you drop the legs down. You want one leg up at 90 and one at 45 and the ability and the ability and the stabilization to be able to hold the legs in that position is the coaching point you're looking for. 20 for the up leg and 10 for the down leg.

Check out Dwight Freeney's Full Workout.




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