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DeMarcus Ware’s 'Put Up or Shut Up' Off-season Workout

August 12, 2013

Learn how All-Pro DE DeMarcus Ware trains during the NFL off-season and why he wears Reebok ATV19+ shoes during his workouts.
As a mix of hip-hop and heavy metal trickles out of the speakers above, Ware, wearing a white tank top, black shorts and red-and-black Reebok ATV 19s, moves to a VertiMax machine. After fastening resistance bands to his wrists, ankles and torso, Ware works through a series of box jumps and speed ladder movements. He calls it "instability work"---lateral and horizontal movements that mimic his motions on the field.
Earlier, Ware worked on his core by lying on a physioball and kicking his feet out one at time while holding a bag of water above his head. The exercise helps his balance, preparing him for the awkward positions he'll find himself in while rushing the passer.

The "Put Up or Shut Up" Workout

- Physioball Cable Rotations
- Physioball Stability Leg Switches
Lie back on the physioball, holding a weighted bag or bar above your head. Bring your right leg up until it is straight out in front of you, then lower it back down to the ground. Repeat with left leg. Continue alternating legs.
- Cable Resisted Physioball Crunches With Resistance
- Tire Flips
- Resistance Box Taps on VertiMax
Place a box on top of the VertiMax machine. Stand behind it with resistance bands attached to your waist. Jump and tap your right foot on top of the box, then your left foot. Continue in a fluid motion.