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Ronnie Brown's NFL Off-Season Workout

September 18, 2009

In this NFL training video, Miami Dolphins Pro Bowl RB Ronnie Brown goes through his final off-season workout as part of his explosive training program with Luke Richesson, former performance specialist at Athletes' Performance.

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Ronnie Brown's NFL Off-Season Workout
Running Back Ronnie Brown and trainer Luke Richesson describe the training program at Athletics performance for the summer break. This training program is the last off-season workout athletes receive before the regular season.


Luke Richesson: Everything that we do is geared around making that individual perform better on the field. I think always keeping that mind gives us an edge on how we plan the program. For right now, since we're getting ready to prepare for the season, we want our athletes to be in tip top shape. So the focus changes throughout the year but it's a long haul and it's a violent game that they play and I want them to be able to protect themselves and be in the best shape possible.

Ronnie Brown: I think it's been a big part especially coming out of college. I came out here to API and started training right away for a few months. Along with myself was Carneal and Carlos Rogers. So it's some of my college team mates.

So it made it a lot more interesting But at the same time people to compete against. A lot of the top athletes come out here and train so it gave me the opportunity to come out here and train with some of the better athletes from college and get the opportunity to be in an atmosphere where it's going to be competitive but at the same to we're going to get a lot of work in.

Luke Richesson: You know what, these guys have worked hard and some of them have been on and off with us the whole summer, the whole off season. And ya know, they're getting ready to go into a real grind. Some of them are going to be a month of 2 a days. It's just a good way, it's the last day for a lot of them to just kind of let their hair down and relax. And you can see it's still pretty competitive.

So guys that want to get a conditioning workout in, they still were able to get some workout in. They still came in here and somewhat worked hard in their strength work out. I think for the most part I could tell, from where their minds were at, they are ready to get out of here and get things going.

When they go to practice, one thing they are going to be expected to do is change direction, be explosive, be powerful, and be stable. So every day we're doing some form of Biometric to get themselves ready for camp.

Ronnie Brown: Right coming out of college I trained and worked out hard but just coming out here for a few weeks and trained for the combined and do a lot of stuff that was football related and drill related and I think it was real helpful. And at the same time getting to compete with other people are top athletes at their programs, I think that was helpful. Just getting into the atmosphere right away became helpful as soon as I stepped out here.




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