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Football Warm-Up With Drew Brees

November 10, 2009

Drew Brees, All-Pro quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, performs an off-season Warm-Up before his workout with coaching by Todd Durkin.

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Football Warm-Up With Drew Brees
Drew Brees warms up with this trainer by perform many different movements to warm up his whole body. Each movement is about propelling the feet off the ground and warming up the muscles and heart rate.
Todd Durkin: Typically when they come in one of the first things that we do is we have a general warm-up. That could be treadmill running five or ten minutes as well as some skipping rope but we want the general heart rate to go up. After five or ten minutes we get them into the dynamic warm up. Dynamic warm-up, the whole purpose is to elevate tissue temperature. Now the purpose is a little bit more performance based. We're going to have high knee, we're going to have A skips and B skips, skipping to the side, lateral skips, warming up the lateral motion on that, We'll have squats.
All of those different things are part of a dynamic warm up. Then we have jumping jacks, we'll have gate swings, were dropping down through the groin and the hips. We have pogo hop for the bottom of the feet, the calves, the Achilles tendons on that. You'll see seal jacks where we're trying to stretch out the front side chest. You'll see flings where we're crossing arms and crossing feet.
Today the focus is going to be a lot on the lower body. Although that is the case, we will warm up the entire body in the dynamic warm up. It could be as little as five minutes on up to 20 to 25 minutes but it really sets the tone for a great work out. When the dynamic warm up is done, we want to make sure that the body is prepared to play.
With each one we typically go about 10 t0 15 yards and we do it one to two sets. That is many different movements. We're not going long distances. We're looking for high quality, not just high volume, working on some technique and we're skipping. I say skip with a purpose. When you're trying to do some skipping, have that ground reaction force, the ball of the foot is reacting off of the ground. We're not skipping up we're skipping down because speed is about reaction, it's about having a ground reaction force, reacting off the ground and propelling yourself forward.
So even skipping forward, sideways, whatever it may be is we want to skip with a purpose, A skips, B skips, side skips. So whatever movement we're doing we're trying to have a purpose with that. So I say 10 to 15 yards we want to go , we want to give him some space and one to two sets on that. We're really more concerned with the five, the twenty minute mark on that one to two sets of each of the movements, trying to keep the concentration, the focus on good technique.
For more with Drew Brees, check out his off-season workout.




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