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Drew Brees Off-Season Workout

November 12, 2009

Drew Brees, All-Pro quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, goes through an intense off-season workout at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA with coaching by Todd Durkin.

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Drew Brees Off-Season Workout
In this video, STACK captures Drew Brees' lower-body and core off-season workout with Todd Durkin at Fitness Quest 10. The workout emphasizes strength, speed, power and metabolic conditioning.
After a 15-20 minute warm up, Brees spends time on movement training for speed, agility and quickness and joint integrity for strengthening muscles that often get neglected. An example of a joint integrity exercise is the lateral band walk, which strengthens the hips and glutes. For more info, check out: Drew Brees Band Superset.
Then Brees begins a metabolic circuit to improve his power endurance, which is critical for all football players who want to go hard through all four quarters. Also, the limited resting periods in circuit training is useful for football players, since it simulates a game time situation with short 30 second huddles between explosive game plays. The video highlights certain metabolic exercises, including Sled Pulls, Sled Pushes, Tire Hammers and Jump Roping. Check out: Sled Push Strength Training With Drew Brees.
Finally, Brees moves to core strength exercises. Strengthening the core is critical for all athletes as it links the lower body to the upper body.
According to Brees, "Your body will only go as far as the mind will take it." Maximum effort means maximum output. Moving up in weight comes second to performing each exercise with efficiency. Crediting his hard work during Durkin's off-season training sessions, Brees feels more athletic during his ninth year in the NFL as he ever has before.




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