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Walking Dumbbell Push-Up-to-Row With Kevin Durant

January 6, 2009

Oklahoma City Thunder guard/forward and '07/'08 NBA Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant performs the Walking Dumbbell Push-Up-to-Row with coaching by Dwight Daub, director of athletic performance for the Thunder.

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Walking Dumbbell Push-Up-to-Row With Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant performs a combination pushup to work his whole upper body. Kevin will push up walk and perform rows with the dumbbells to strengthen his arms, shoulders and core for his basketball season.
Dwight Daub: We try to come up with combinations in exercises and this is a tremendous combination exercise that's going to train basically all the upper body. Obviously the leg's aren't involved very much so it ends up being a total upper body work out where you have the use of your shoulders, your lats, stabilization with your abs and your core. So it's a great upper body total exercise.
This particular exercise has three basic movements to it. You're going to do two walk movements with your arms and drag your feet behind. So it's walk, walk with your arms into a pushup, back up into a lock out position, and then a row with right arm, row with left arm, and then you go through the same sequence and repeat it.
So walk, walk, pushup, row right, row left, and continue on that path. The pushing points associate with that are definitely keep your body in a straight plane. Your feet have to be a little bit wider than you would normally have then in a pushup because of the balance factor. If you pick up one of the dumbbells and you turn sideways your feet are too close together you're going to end up falling flat on your face on the floor.
So you try to stabilize by having your feet a little bit wider and those are the primary coaching points to that exercise. Any recommended sets and reps can be anywhere from three to eight reps depending on the strength of the athlete and as many as two to four sets depending on the strength of the athlete. For more with Kevin Durant, check out The Kevin Durant Workout




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