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The Kevin Durant Workout

January 6, 2009

In this basketball training video, NBA Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant teams up with Dwight Daub for an in-season basketball strength training workout to help bring wins to the Thunder. Kevin Durant also discusses his training and basketball goals.

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The Kevin Durant Workout
Kevin Durant's in-season training with Dwight Daub, Thunder's director of athletic performance, focuses on strength and balance.
According to Daub, Durant is extremely coachable---a great trait for any basketball player looking to enhance their game. Durant is always open to new ideas because he trusts Daub's sole motivation is extending his career's longevity and improving his basketball skills.
In addition to Durant's muscle-building routine, Daub spends a lot of time training him with balance and stability exercises. The motivation with the balance exercises is for Durant to be able to drive to the hole and finish without being knocked to the floor. Check out one his balance exercises here: Kevin Durant Med Ball Single-Leg RDL.
The complementing strength and balance exercises are great for any basketball player, as they easily transfer to the court, since keeping your feet underneath you is a key factor for a successful 82-game season.
For one of his strength and balance exercises, check out Walking Dumbbell Push-Up-To-Row With Kevin Durant.




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