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Thomas Jones Cable Bicep/Tricep Isolation Circuit

November 24, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs Pro Bowl running back Thomas Jones isolates his biceps and triceps with a cable circuit at the end of his workout to develop arm strength and size.

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Thomas Jones Cable Bicep/Tricep Isolation Circuit


Thomas Jones: The circuit with the Biceps cross cable and the triceps extension cable, they're the isolation exercise. It's great to isolate the biceps and isolate the triceps. So that exercise right there you can actually sit there and see your muscles contracting. That's probably my favorite exercise as far as biceps and triceps just because it's truly isolating the muscle and you have to have great form on that as well for you to get the most out of it.

When you're doing it right, it's going to hurt. If it's not hurting you're not doing it right. I don't use a whole lot of weight. I do three sets of six reps each arm, bicep curls, ill alternate each arm. I'll start out with the seventies and drop down to fifties and then for my third set ill drop down to thirties and after thirties I'll do a set of reverse curl.

That also works your forearm as well, then I weight 30 seconds to a minute then I'll do tricep extensions; single arm with the cables. I'll start with 90 pounds and I'll go down to 70 pounds and then I'll go down to 60 pounds for the third set. I usually do that circuit three times because all the other exercises I've done before that, by biceps and trcipes are pretty blown, and that's a great finale for the bi/tricep workout.




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