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Thomas Jones' "Man Exercise" for Bigger Biceps and Triceps

November 24, 2010

Find out how Pro Bowl running back Thomas Jones uses his "Man Exercise" to develop some of the most impressive arms in the NFL.

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Thomas Jones' "Man Exercise" for Bigger Biceps and Triceps
Pro Bowl running back, Thomas Jones, demonstrates crowbar extensions and curls to strengthen his Biceps and Triceps. He describes the importance of proper form and the benefits from performing these exercises properly.


Thomas Jones (NFL Pro Running Back):

With the easy crowbars extensions and curls, that's just a typical bicep workout, just a man's lift. As far as biceps and triceps are concerned, you have the crow bar and you're working both biceps at one time.

The form is extremely important because a lot of guys, when they do bicep curls, they're leaning back or using their legs, and in that exercise you really have to isolate your biceps and that's how you get the most pump and the most out of it. If you're form is not right and if the weight is too heavy then you should come down, because that exercise is really about the form its not even about how much weight you use. Same with the tricep extensions, if you're leaning one way or straining to get it up, it's not really doing anything and you're taking a risk on hurting your back or pulling an ab or hurting something in an awkward place.

Those two exercises are not so much about 25 on each side, the first set of bicep curls I'll do with the easy bar. I'll do a set of 10 to 12 and afterwards I'll wait 30 seconds to a minute and then I'll do tricep extensions. I'll do a set of 15 of those, and usually I'll do at least five or six sets of those all together.




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