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Build a Big-Time Bench With Ndamukong Suh

March 24, 2010

Ndamukong Suh shows off the intense, high-volume NFL Combine Upper Body Strength and Speed routine that got him 32 reps on the 225 Bench Test, and Lance Walker of the Michael Johnson Performance Center explains the coaching points of the exercises.

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Build a Big-Time Bench With Ndamukong Suh
Ndamukong Suh is preparing for the combine 225 test. Ndamukong trains more intensively and builds endurance around doing the 225 lift in order to build reserves when performing the press by itself.


Lance Walker: The combo; the first thing we're trying to hit him with is I'm kind of pre-exhausting their shoulders and we're using the incline press also as a stimulus for some strength. So they're getting their work sets in at their incline and those work sets that you saw, they were down into some fives, threes, they actually will do some two's tomorrow and then they're coming off of those deuces with some very low volume and moving right into that volumization speed bench where now they're undulating up from some cases as low as 185 to start up to the 225 and at the 225 is where we're asking for maximum of reps in a minimum amount of time. The minute they get done with that set, they're popping off that bench and then doing something to finish off the system.
Ndamukong Suh: Do 250's as many times as you can and then from that point your arms are dead and you've got to get up and go and rep out another 30 reps of these bands and that's really working on that endurance of your muscles and helps you get a little bit of a rest and they you go back and do 225's as many as you can going through that. The next set after that for myself is I believe 165.
Lance Walker: They're trying to maintain that speed even when they've got huge amounts of acid kind of building up and they really don' have any biochemistry to support that action. Then it's a minimum rest time. The rest time is a trade secret, then they'll be coming back and they'll repeat the process and we have kind of a system where they drop down in terms of weight depending upon their RM, depending upon the number of times they're able to do 225 maximum number of times and depending upon how dense we make that period.So I'm really putting them at a huge disadvantage so the intensity of their workout isn't really the actually thing that you see in the meat of the sandwich, it's all in the stuff that they're having to deal with around the outside, the bun and the condiments, and still be able to produce the numbers.
What happens is we gradually take away those things, those restrictor plates around the periphery, just enough to where they're warm, and by weeks end, before the combine hits its wow, the body is all jacked up and ready to handle all this crap. We don't throw and crap at it and all he's got to do is push 225 as many times as he can. It's got all these weird hidden reserves that he developed that he didn't have before.
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