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Why Ndamukong Suh Performs Pulls Before Presses

March 24, 2010

Lance Walker preps NFL star Ndamukong Suh for massive amounts of Bench reps and other presses by getting his rear delts and back pumped with a series of Pre-Press Pulls.

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Why Ndamukong Suh Performs Pulls Before Presses
Ndamukong Suh is getting his upper body arm muscles ready for lifting by performing the band face pulls. This upper body warm up helps activate the muscles to prepare for an effective weight lifting workout.
Lance Walker: You saw the face pull, designed to kind of sync up that middle trap and some of the rhomboids and band external rotations. We're trying to put some blood flow in that posterior cuff. We jump right from some of the basic kind of the prehab stuff right into our first major exercise which is not a press at all. It's a big press day so what's the first thing we do, we do some heavy wide pull downs. But in essence what we're trying to get with them is more of a scap retraction and we're trying to get these guys to be able to pull their hands back behind their hand, almost like they're pulling a bar back onto the back for a squat and produce this W shape with their elbows.
So what we're trying to coach them to do is more of a scap retraction and what that does is that sets the stage up for the chest and the pecs to be able to work a little bit better. It's just something we've had a lot of success with and I give all the credit to coach Joe Dressey for teaching me that.
Reps, we're kind of backing out of that hypertrophy area and we're getting into some of that top side of the strength continuum. So there were some tens, there were some eights, we even drop into some heavy six's. Typically from that particular moment we don't drop any heavier than six's because what we end up doing is we end up losing some of the small muscle activation and we end up getting in to some of the brute strength pulling.
Motion on the face pull, what we look for again is the athlete is pulling the band. Initially what a young athlete is going to try to do is they're going to try and pull the band to their face. In essence the first motion I'd like to see out of our athletes is some sort of scapula retraction and depression to make sure that that shoulder blades are coming back, the tips of the shoulder are moving posterior before the band starts moving close to the face.
The other coaching queue is we try to get the elbows up above the hands as much as we can. We don't want to be here we want to be above the hands. The reason being is what we're trying to do is charge up more of their middle trap and lower trap. The lower their elbows are when they do this pull, the more it's going to move the precursor up into the upper trap.
So it's not about the heavy band, we're using the mini band. I mean the guys could pull the large bands if they wanted to but the minute you ask them to do that what you'd see would be the elbows collapsing down and you'd see a lot more of this and a lot less of this. Sets and reps on the face band pull, we're talking about upwards of 15 reps per set. One to two sets is really all it takes. The temp is very important. You notice the really slow methodical two, two ,two tempo on all those corrected movements.
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