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Ndamukong Suh Blasts His Biceps

March 24, 2010

MJP performance director Lance Walker takes future NFL star Ndamukong Suh through a grueling drop set of Supine Cable Bicep 100s to blast his biceps and offset the high volume of tricep work leading up to the exercise.

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Ndamukong Suh Blasts His Biceps
Ndamukong Suh blasts his biceps in a Supine Bicep Curl.
Ndamukong starts with the most weight he can handle and drops down when he can't perform the bicep.
Lance Walker: The infamous supine cable bicep 100's, I can't remember where I stole that from. I knew that at the elbow joint I was giving him huge amounts of volume extension, so I know I need to offset that with some of the flying at the bicep and basically lay him down. We use our cable trainers, we lay them supine underneath that. We go ahead and wrap a band around the weight stack so the guy can move it pretty quickly and it will slow the weight stack down for him.
Their supine, they're using an open grip or a supinated grip and what we're doing is forcing these athletes. We use a specific percentage of their body weight on the stack to start with and it will depend on whatever stack you have at home that your using and what percentage you use. But we know at a certain percentage we know where they should end up on the stack when they finish those hundred reps.
So they're laying on their back and at that point they are repping out at a pretty good clip in a one XX tempo. We're not looking for too much eccentric contraction, its pounding them away. When they fail and their partner's staying right over them, when they can no longer complete a rep, they then set up, dump the weight, the partner lowers the resistance by two pegs, he lays back down, he starts hammering away. So it's a dropping set and at the end of the day the goal is to not sit up and not have any more pegs to drop into.
We haven't had anybody this year have that happen where they sit up and are looking at their partner like where do we go now. There's only 25 pounds left on the stack and that's all there is.
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