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Charging Ground Balls With Skip Schumaker

January 29, 2011

St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Skip Schumaker shows how to play a bunt or slow-roller hit in the infield.

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Charging Ground Balls With Skip Schumaker
Skip Schumaker tells the steps to catching a ground ball. Skip explains that you need to have the ball on the outside of your glove foot and to stay low to the ground until you're ready to throw.


Skip Schumaker: So on a slow roller I'm going to catch it usually on my glove side outside my leg. If you get caught up in here you're going to start getting bad hops and usually fall on your face. So you want to get here, right foot, and throw. So just kind of like on the pivot you want to go right foot and throw. Very rarely are you ever going to bare hand a ball, that's a complete do or die. You always want to keep your head away from bouncing.
So especially if you're charging in you want to stay low. Ball to my left I'm staying low, ball to my right I'm staying low, everything is staying low. Because as soon as you get high and move low, that's a low of movement on your eyes and your head. The ball's going to start moving and bouncing and that's the last thing you want to happen. So outside of my foot, right foot, throw; right foot, throw.
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