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Baseball Dynamic Core Workout With Skip Schumaker

February 2, 2011

Learn how Skip Schumaker of the St. Louis Cardinals leads off his off-season workouts with Todd Norman, founder of Cutting Edge Sports Training.

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Baseball Dynamic Core Workout With Skip Schumaker
Skip must gain stability and rotation in his core in order to have strength on the field. He does a dynamic core workout that simulates hitting motions as well as doing full body workouts with other unique rotational movements though the core.


Todd Norman: With Skip we did some dynamic core training. Meaning that we kind of mixed it up. We had a drill for rotational power with a sledge hammer that's actually simulating him hitting the baseball.That sledge hammer was 11 pounds. He's in his hitting stance and we were getting him to drive through his legs and his hips and his core and we're just trying to improve the power in his hitting.
Then we did a stability ball exercise with that mountain climber three switch. It's very important that athletes have great core strength and when they're running and moving and changing direction we want them to stabilize and in the core. We also did rope wave which was working out full body, his legs, his hamstrings, his back, his shoulders, his conditioning, grip strength, everything. So that's kind of like a full body that engages the core.
Then we also did a 90 degree rotation with a landmine and that's another rotational exercise where he would get into a flexed position and then he would extend and rotate powerfully back to neutral. With baseball players, being such an explosive, rotational sport, they've got to be strong and powerful and stable in rotary movement.
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