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World's Greatest Stretch With Athletes' Performance NFL Draft Class

April 19, 2010

Education performance specialist Nick Winkelman takes the 2010 NFL Draft class at Athletes' Performance through the World's Greatest Stretch as part of the movement prep series.

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World's Greatest Stretch With Athletes' Performance NFL Draft Class
Nick Winkelman explains the World's Greatest Stretch that is used on the NFL draft. The stretch originates from Yoga and is designed to open up the muscles used in their beginning stance.


Nick Winkelman: World's Greatest is one of those stretches that's been pulled straight out of Yoga. All we're simply looking to do with that is long back leg, front leg straight. It really should almost look from a front side like they're getting into their stance. They set their hand down on the line the same way they do with the stance and then we add a bit of rotation.

The rotation is very simply to open up their upper back, their trunk, so when we do ask them to get into start, we generate the flexibility needed to safely and effectively get in there. So for that one, front leg is going to be as simple as hip, knee and ankle in alignment loaded over that shin. Back leg, Glutes for, Quad for as long as you can. We kind of que from head to heal, strong as steal. They're trying to be as long as they can, as straight as they can.

Further we want them to rotate around that almost strong spine, opening up those pecks, the shoulders, everything. And it's not a rotation as much as it is trying to lift and lengthen the body. Warm up stuff, we try to keep it nice and easy, anywhere from three to six repetitions. If we do less movements we may do more repetitions. But in this warm up, since it's so expanded and covering so much, we keep their repetitions relatively light per movement.




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