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Texas A&M Track and Field Throwers: Snatch-Grip High Pull

May 11, 2010

Allen Kinley, director of strength and conditioning for Olympic and team sports at Texas A&M, explains that performing the Snatch-Grip High Pull can help throwers increase their explosive power during the season.

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Texas A&M Track and Field Throwers: Snatch-Grip High Pull


Track and Field athletes perform the Snatch-Grip High Pull exercise to improve their explosive power on the field. Allen Kinley discusses the proper form and technique behind the upper body exercise and how to perform it correctly.
Allen Kinley: The lift and the high pull, whether you're doing a high pull snatch or a high pull fling, the lift is the exact same when you're doing the lift itself with the exception that you're not completing the lift. However you're going to usually put on more weight than typically what you could handle. So they were able to overload the muscles, put more stress on than normally what they encounter in a normal snatch.
You want to try to put your feet in the same position as if you were going to do a vertical jump. If I asked you what's your maximum height on your vertical, where would you put your feet, that's going to be your power position. Well we're doing sets of one, doing five sets.
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