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Da'Quan Bowers Workout

March 29, 2011

To solidify his status as the top prospect in the 2011 NFL Draft, former Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers prepares for his Pro Day by training with Travelle Gaines at Athletes' Performance, Los Angeles.

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Da'Quan Bowers Workout
In order for an athlete to improve their weaknesses, and enhance their game time performance, they must address their shortcomings with a customized workout plan. In Bowers' case, his trainer, Travelle Gaines, knew Bower had to develop his speed and core muscle strength in order to play his best football. Therefore, Gaines developed a core strength and stability workout for Bowers to improve his weaknesses and ultimately get him playing at his greatest athletic potential.

Core exercises are great for strengthening an athlete's core muscles at the same time improving their balance and stability. This will enhance an athlete's game-time performance, as the core is the vital link between the upper and lower body. Additionally, since explosive sprinting power comes from the core, an athlete will be able to get faster by building core muscle. Check out: Training Core Stability With Da'Quan Bowers.

Core strength is a critical component of Bowers speed development. Exercises that develop proper upper-body running mechanics are crucial for developing the skill set necessary to improve game time speed performance. Kneeling Arm Switches are one exercise Bowers uses to improve his running mechanics. Additionally, Bowers refines his sprint mechanics further by performing Wall Switches in the Wall Acceleration Drill.

These exercises will help you get faster by tightening your core and improving your sprint mechanics.




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