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Train With the Dwight Howard Workout

April 14, 2011

In an effort to build muscle and strength in his chest, core, shoulders and arms, Dwight Howard performs a series of grueling exercises known as the Strength, Speed, Power Push Circuit.

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Train With the Dwight Howard Workout
Trainer Bryan Meyer guides Dwight Howard through a Strength, Speed and Power Push Circuit. This circuit is great for building Dwight Howard's shoulders, thoracic mobility along with core and hip stability.
This type of workout is great for any athlete. No fancy equipment needed, just simple rubber bands or a cable machine, and a mirror for proper technique.
High intensity circuit training consists of an athlete performing specific exercises back-to-back, with very little break in between, with the focus on speed and proper form. Once all exercises are completed, the athlete will then take a short break before beginning the circuit anew.

Howard's Strength, Speed, Power Circuit

- If form is lacking, reduce resistanceSets/Reps: 4x circuit

Single Arm Knee Down Press

:- Kneel on right leg, with left thigh parallel to ground- Holding resistance in right hand, drive arm forward- Maintain good posture and spine stabilization- Squeeze core Sets/Reps: 1x10 each arm

Howard Crossover Push-ups

:- Perform Push-Up- At Push-Up peak, propel body up and cross over - Maintain straight back- Depress shoulder blades and engage core- Focus on speed and velocitySets/Reps: 1x10 seconds

Single Arm Press with a Jab Step

:- From athletic position, hold cable in right hand - Resistance straight behind, at shoulder level- With feet even, step forward in alternating fashion- Perform right hand jab with each stepSets/Reps: 1x10 each arm
For a similar workout, check out: Dwight Howard Strength, Speed Power Pull Circuit.




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