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Combine Core and Prehab With Gordon Beckham

June 8, 2010

Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox second baseman, combines core and prehab exercises with the Lateral Core Hold With T during the off-season with coaching by Mike Berenger.

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Combine Core and Prehab With Gordon Beckham
Gordon Beckham challenges his core through the prehab workout. The prehab workout works the quell and obliques.


Mike Berenger: I call it lateral core hold with a T. I call it a T because of YTWL's being in a prone position doing a T. You're in a lateral position, again you're bridging, it's a little core stability, it's working the quell, its working the obliques and keeping your hips up and bridging like that really challenges your core and at the same time you're throwing in a little prehab in there as well.
So what I want them really to do is initiate the move with the scap and bring that arm back and thumbs always going backwards. Common mistakes is just again sagging, they don't have the integrity of that bridge, and the hips are sagging a little bit. Sometimes they're pulling with the elbow and opening up and you just want to keep that arm pretty much locked out. You want all the work coming from the scap and the rear delt.
It's a light exercise. What we were doing with Gordon today was maybe a resistance of seven. It's a very light load that we're using. Sets and reps you're looking at three sets of eight to 12 in each arm.
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