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Joey Votto Upper-Body Strength Workout

May 13, 2011

Cincinnati Reds 1B and 2010 NL MVP Joey Votto shows off the Upper-Body Strength Circuit he uses to develop home run hitting power at the plate, while his off-season strength coach Corey Stenstrup explains how to perform each exercise.

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Joey Votto Upper-Body Strength Workout
Looking for a serious upper body and core strengthening circuit? Check out Joey Votto's routine. This circuit will help any baseball player improve their game by building muscle.

Votto's Upper Body Strength Circuit

Sets/Reps: 2x circuit

Heavy Ball Floor Press With Adduction

- Lay flat on ground, block between knees, shins parallel to ground- Squeeze core and lock in pelvis- Push up and pull down heavy medicine ballSets/Reps: 1x15

Towel Pull-Up With Tube Twist

- Grip towels and perform Pull-Up- Pull-up until shoulders are above elbows- Perform subtle twist through core at top of Pull-Up- Alternate sides- Maintain strong postureSets/Reps: 1x3 each side

Kettlebell Chair Shoulder Press

- Hold kettlebell with both hands in front of shoulders- Sit hips back and lower into quarter squat- Holding squat position, drive weight forward and up- Return weight to start position and repeatSets/Reps:1x8
Band W- Anchor band around stationary pole- Attach band to each hand- Extend arms out, with elbows bent- Pull away from anchor in quick precise movements- Focus on posture through small range of motionSets/reps: 1x30
Looking for an equally intense lower body circuit? Check out Baseball Lower-Body Workout With Joey Votto




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