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Premier Volleyball Jump Float Serve

June 13, 2011

To ace their opponent, the Premier Volleyball team uses the Jump Float Serve, demonstrated in the video with instruction by national team coach Wyman Khuu.
Wyman Khuu explains how to complete the Jump Float serve. The Jump Float serve has more power and momentum because the whole body weight is put into the serve.
Wyman Khuu: Kayla's now going to demonstrate a jump float serve for us. She's going to start in a very similar position, the only real big difference is now that she's going to jump into the ball and she has to create a little bit more distance between her and the service line. She's going to build momentum and generate a lot of momentum towards the other side of the net. She's jumping more towards the net than she is up.She's going to basically take a step then a big hop into the ball and generate that speed towards the net. She's going to try and push her luck and get as close to the service line as she possible can but she gets the maximum amount of energy she can on this ball. Notice the velocity increases because she now can increase the momentum that she puts into that ball. She can put a lot, a lot of body weight into that ball. She's doing a really good job of putting it at the fastest speed it could possibly be at.