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Volleyball Base to Release Defensive Drill

June 13, 2011

To emphasize communication on defense, the Premier team performs a volleyball defense drill called the "Base to Release."
Looking for a volleyball defense drill that will improve communication and help your team perfom as a more cohesive unit? Try Premier Volleyball's Base to Release drill.


Man Khuu: This is our base to release drill that we do here at premier. It's set up so that there's a spot in the middle of the court where our defensive players are ready to react to. We set up three players in left back, middle back and right back, and a coach is at the net ready with the ball to initiate the drill.
When the coach bounces the ball the players are responsible for yelling release. This is the queue for them to get to the sidelines and get ready to play defense where they'll try to get the ball dug high into the middle of the court. Once they make contact with the ball their job is to call base and rush back to the middle of the court to that same spot where they started from.
We use this drill to really emphasize really quick movement or drop and drive movement on defense and high communication on defense because communication is really, really key to strong defense. And depending on the age we either go nine good ones for our better kids or sometimes we'll go ten total or five good ones depending on the level of the team. We either put a hard number on it or set a goal in terms of how many good digs we want get to.