Break Through Plateaus With the 1-10 Drop Set Method

To accelerate your gains in the weight room, try the 1-10 Drop Set, as explained by STACK Expert Roger Lockridge.

Whether you're stuck in a workout rut or you're a beginner wanting to see gains as soon as possible, listen up. I have a strategy that that will help you accelerate your gains.

It's called the 1-10 Drop Set Method. You perform 10 sets in one, wearing yourself out and leaving your muscles exhausted and starving for nutrients to begin the recovery process. The workout is very tough, but it will help you make gains even if your progress seems to be stuck.

1-10 Drop Set: How It Works

You're probably familiar with drop sets. Typically, you perform a specific number of reps—such as five—then quickly lower the weight. You then repeat two to three times.

The 1-10 Drop Set Method works a bit differently. You start with a weight you can only perform for one rep. When you complete that rep, you strip off 5-10 percent of the weight and perform two reps. You continue this pattern until you reach 10 reps. That's 55 reps of heavy lifting in a short amount of time. You're probably sore just thinking about it.

Implementing the 1-10 Drop Set

This is something that's tough to do with dumbbells. You'd need 10 sets of them, which would annoy other people in your gym. A barbell with a lot of smaller plates makes more sense. You won't inconvenience anyone, and you'll be able to strip the weight off fast.

You can do the 1-10 Drop Set with any barbell exercise, including the Bench Press and Squat. Try it at the beginning of your workout to wake up your muscles, or as a finisher. But don't do more than one drop set per week so you won't fatigue your muscles too much. Also, regularly change the exercise that you use it with.

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