10 Unforgettable Moments When Young Athletes Made Their Parents Cringe

Kids do the darnedest things—especially when they're playing sports. Here are 10 head-scratchers told by real parents.

All parents want to be helpful and support their kids who play sports. But sometimes our little athletes do things that make us shake our heads. STACK polled parents nationwide about times when their kids did something truly unforgettable for reasons other than athletic greatness. Here were 10 moments that really stood out

1. T.M.I. Timeout

 T.M.I. Timeout

A 5-year-old tee-ball player gave his parents a face-palm moment when, while standing in centerfield, he exclaimed to everyone in attendance, "Daddy, I just farted!"

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2. Pit Stop Shortstop

Pit Stop Shortstop

Don't be shocked when your player suddenly (almost certainly during a play) runs off the field for a potty break. Just feel fortunate if he makes it off the field in time..

3. Bring Enough for Everyone

Bring Enough for Everyone

We're sure this mom's face was beet red when her little superstar asked from the field whether she was drinking coffee or a margarita. (Mom assures us it was coffee.)

4. Those Things Hurt

Those Things Hurt

A young girl ran screaming from the field because she saw a bee.

5. Is It Time to Eat?

 Is It Time to Eat?

Playing sports can make a young athlete work up quite an appetite. One kid asked his mom for money to go to the concessions stand—while he was in the field.

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6. Is It Time to Eat? Part 2

 Is It Time to Eat? Part 2

Sometimes you can't wait for mom to give you snack money. Hey look, a dandelion!

7. Is It Time to Eat? Part 3

Is It Time to Eat? Part 3

If you're not lucky enough to play in a field with dandelions, there's always your nose, which is chock full of . . .

8. Have a Seat

 Have a Seat

Parents are always clamoring for their kids to get more playing time. It's a tough balancing act for coaches, who often try to get everyone on the field. One flag football player made his coach's decision easier when he shouted from his linebacker position, "I don't want to play anymore!"

9. That Doesn't Go There

That Doesn't Go There

One mom had an "ick" moment when she found her son's athletic cup on the kitchen table.

10. Shortcut Solution

Shortcut Solution

After hitting a ground ball to first base, one enterprising batter immediately bolted to third. Thrown off by this unexpected maneuver, the first baseman retrieved the ball and threw to second without stepping on the bag. The runner ran back to home plate. The ball rolled past the trio of infielders who swarmed the area around second base and into the outfield. The runner finally ran to first base. "We ruled it a single," said the coach.

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