STACK 10-Minute Workouts: Chest and Back Blast

Increase your upper-body strength and size with the STACK 10-Minute Workout: Chest and Back Blast.

Performing one exercise at a time can get tedious. You do your reps, then rest for more than a minute before starting your next set. Extrapolate this over several sets, and you could spend more than 10 minutes on a single exercise.

Yes, you'll strengthen whatever muscles you're hitting with that one exercise. But if you're tight on time, this simply doesn't cut it.

Instead, try the Chest and Back Blast, which works both your chest and back with a total of four exercises performed for four sets—all in only 10 minutes.

The circuit features two back and two chest exercises performed consecutively with no rest until you finish the fourth exercise. You work different muscles with each exercise to prevent them from tiring during the set, allowing you to do a minimum of 32 total reps.

You'll build strength in your major upper-body muscles—your pecs, lats and traps—as well as your arms, since they contribute to any pushing and pulling movements. Also, negative sets combined with high reps keep your muscles under tension for an extended period of time—key for building muscle.

Try this STACK 10-Minute Chest and Back Blast during your next workout. Perform it as a stand-alone if needed; however, for best results, integrate it into a complete full-body or upper-body workout.

STACK 10-Minute Chest and Back Blast

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