11 Star Athletes Who Expected to Go Pro in a Different Sport

LeBron as a Pro Bowl WR? J.J. Watt in the NHL? Dirk Nowitzki a Grand Slam champion?

LeBron James Wanted to Be a Star Wide Receiver

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LeBron James Wanted to Be a Star Wide Receiver

When you watch LeBron James rampage his way to an And-1 play, it's hard not to envision him as an NFL player.


At a beefy 6-foot-8, 250 pounds, James would be an absolute monster inside the red zone.

The elevation he shows off during his signature chase-down blocks would be a valuable asset on the gridiron, since almost no throw would be outside his range.

It's no mere coincidence that James looks like he could excel in the NFL.

Football was his first love.

He grew up playing the game from a young age and attracted legions of college recruiters as a wide receiver for St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio.

During his junior season (which would be his last playing football), James caught 61 passes for 1,245 yards and 16 touchdowns.

"Scoring touchdowns was the best for me. I grew up playing football, and I always loved just going out and competing," James told the New York Times in a 2009 interview.

Urban Meyer, who tried to recruit LeBron to play football while he was a wide receivers coach at Notre Dame, told Bleacher Report James would've been "a first-round draft pick, a Hall of Famer."

For what it's worth, LeBron has stated he'd like to play in one NFL game before he calls it quits on his athletic career.