11 Star Athletes Who Expected to Go Pro in a Different Sport

LeBron as a Pro Bowl WR? J.J. Watt in the NHL? Dirk Nowitzki a Grand Slam champion?

Steve Nash Was a Childhood Soccer Phenom

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Steve Nash Was a Childhood Soccer Phenom

Steve Nash's love affair with soccer is no secret.

His father was a professional soccer player, and a young Nash adored the sport during his childhood in Canada.

"It was my first love."

"My first word was 'Goal!'—my dad made sure of that," Nash told ESPN in 2013.

"I would hate to disrespect anyone by saying I could have been a professional footballer, but you never know."

The kid who would go on to become a two-time NBA MVP didn't even start playing basketball until he was 13 years old.

To Nash, there's no doubt his background in soccer helped him pick up basketball more quickly.

"They're completely different sports—(as far as) one's with your feet, one's with your hands—but as far as spacing, connectivity with your teammates, movement, passing, defending, there are similarities," Nash told SI.com.

"I probably wouldn't have been an NBA player if I didn't bring a unique perspective born in soccer to the game of basketball."