15 Quick Tips for Weight Gain

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1) Drink most of your beverages between meals to leave more room for calorie-dense foods at mealtime.

2) Eat salads and soups after meals so you don't fill up on low-calorie foods.

3) Make sure to eat a substantial bedtime snack.

4) Add nuts, seeds, croutons, grated cheese and or raisins to salad, rice, pasta and other dishes.

5) Choose calorie dense cereals for breakfast like Grape Nuts, granola and muesli. Add dried or sliced fruit.

6) Consume caloric beverages such as juices, milk and sports drinks.

7) Never eat naked bread. Add jam, peanut butter, apple butter or cream cheese to bread, toast and bagels.

8) Choose desserts that contain nutrients such as oatmeal cookies, Fig Newtons, fruit cobblers, stewed fruit, compotes, puddings and frozen yogurt.

9) Incorporate smoothies into your diet. Use honey, chocolate powder or syrup, bananas, wheat germ, low-fat yogurt and skim milk

10) Sauté (don't fry) foods using olive or canola oil.

11) Top fish, chicken and vegetables with breadcrumbs before baking.

12) Add wheat germ and/or evaporated milk to soups, gravies, cooked foods, potatoes and shakes.

13) Prepare hot cereals and appropriate canned soups with milk instead of water.

14) Add beans, corn and potatoes to soups, entrees and side dishes.

15) Carry peanut butter crackers, sports bars, granola bars and trail mix so you always have easy, caloric snacks on hand.

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