16 Instagrams of Athletes Stuntin' on Their Hoverboards

At the height of the hoverboard craze, STACK brings you videos of professional athletes channeling their inner Marty McFly.

It was supremely hard to miss last week's influx of social media posts dedicated to Back to the Future. In the real world of 2015, the growing popularity of so-called (wheel) hoverboards has also been noticeable. True levitating hoverboards are just starting to come into fruition, and self-balancing scooters like the AirWheel, the PunkeeDuck, and the Mini-Segway are now all the rage.

It seems that everyone—athletes and non-athletes—wants a piece of the action. Check out the Instagram posts below from a just some of the athletes who are showing off their hoverboards.

Chris Smith

Larry Sanders

Dannell Ellerbe

Martavis Bryant

Clint Capela

Jodie Meeks

Alex Len

Marquise Goodwin

Mike Tyson

JaVale McGee via Ramses Barden

Dominique Easley

Roberto Perez

Connor Barth

Chandler Parsons

Lance Stephenson

Kenneth Faried

And with the actual hoverboard...

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock