17-Year-Old Colombian Weightlifter Jeison Lopez Might Be the Strongest Teen on Earth

Pound for pound, Jeison Lopez might be the strongest teen on the planet. Watch some clips of his ridiculous strength and explosiveness in action.

Pound for pound, Jeison Lopez might be the strongest teenager on Earth.

A 17-year-old from Cali, Colombia, Lopez is making waves in the world of weightlifting. In June, he dominated the International Weightlifting Federation's World Junior Championships by setting new youth world records for the 77 kg weight class in both the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk:

His Snatch measured just under 344 pounds, and his Clean & Jerk measured just under 419 pounds. Though it's difficult to determine precise height and weight measurements for Lopez, he currently competes in the 77 kg division, which means he can't weigh more than 170 pounds. Lopez—who boasts nearly 15,000 followers on Instagram—recently posted a video of himself squatting almost 600 pounds:

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If you saw Lopez outside the gym, you probably wouldn't think an athlete with his frame would be capable of moving such tremendous amounts of weight. Lopez has also been accompanying his social media posts with the hashtag #Tokyo2020, a clear sign he's intent on competing in the next Summer Olympics.

His stupendous lower-body strength also gives Lopez some crazy hops:

There might be teenagers out there who can lift more than Lopez in a given exercise. But pound for pound, we think Lopez might be the strongest teen on the planet.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock