2011 STACK Holiday Video Game Gift Guide: Fighting Games

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UFC Undisputed 3

As we gear up for the holiday season at STACK Gamer, we are breaking down the different video game genres to help you figure out which titles to ask for. First, we looked at shooters. Next up, we'll dig into fighting games that are "must-haves" this season.

WWE '12
Out on: XBox 360, PS3, Wii

In WWE'12, THQ's pro wrestling franchise gets the reboot it has sorely needed.  Realistic camera angles more closely resemble a true WWE broadcast—noticeable immediately when you fire up the first match. And the game uses Predator technology, which helps smooth out the animations. A simplified control scheme and a huge roster, featuring more than 60 superstars, make this game essential for any wrestling fan.

Ask for it if: You're a big wrestling fan or you haven't played a good wrestling game in years.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Out on: XBox 360, PS3

If you missed the first Marvel vs. Capcom 3 release, catch up with the Ultimate version. It features 12 new fighters, including fan favorite Ghost Rider, and eight all-new stages. Ultimate MVC 3 showcases the same ink-stained comic book-style artwork as the first release, with fast-paced, button-mashing goodness.

Ask for it if: You're not tired of Street Fighter or you love comic books.

UFC Undisputed 3
Out on:
XBox 360, PS3

You can ask for this game for the holidays, but it won't be out until February. MMA fans will just have to delay their gratification. With more than 150 fighters and Pride mode—which perfectly recaptures the UFC's original rival promotion—and new announcers and entrances, UFC Undisputed 3 delivers a comprehensive fighting game experience. For the first time, Bantamweights and Featherweights are in the game, so you can recreate exciting fights from those lower weight classes.

Put in your request now.

Ask for it if: You're a hardcore MMA fan.

Photo:  kotaku.com

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