Heavy Hitters: The 2014 Baseball Gear Guide

STACK rounds up the best bats, caps, gloves and apparel for the 2014 baseball season.

STACK 2014 Baseball Gear Guide - Bats

Baseball season is here. Don't wait any longer to pick up the bats, gloves and cleats that will add power to your performance on the diamond. STACK rounded up the latest baseball gear so you can find exactly what you need to take your game to the next level. Rub a little dirt in your hands and step up to the plate.


From left to right.

Mizuno Classic Bamboo

One for the au naturel wood lover. Sanded handle provides a reliable grip.
$90, mizunousa.com 

DeMarini CF6 BBCOR 2014

Lighter than its predecessor, the CF6 offers an extended sweet spot for more "pop."
$400, demarini.com

Easton MAKO

A streamlined barrel keeps the bat light so you can get it through the zone fast.
$450, easton.com

Louisville Slugger Assault Bat

A one-inch graphite band in the barrel lowers swing weight with no loss of power.
$150, louisvilleslugger.com 

Caps and Helmets

New Era 59FIFTY Caps with Diamond Era Technology

STACK 2014 Baseball Gear Guide - Caps and Helmets

The caps you see big leaguers wearing during spring ball feature 50+ UPF protection from the sun, moisture wicking technology and retro logos on the front, combining a throwback look with cutting edge performance.
$36, newera.com 

Unequal Solo

Unequal Solo Batting Helmet

Place this lightweight, customizable, padding-fortified Kevlar liner inside your helmet for added protection against impact. Bonus: It's antimicrobial and hand-washable.
$60, unequal.com/solo 


Evoshield Training Hoodie

Evoshield Training Hoodie

Great for keeping toasty during pre-game warm-ups or when you're putting in extra work after practice. Ideal for unpredictable spring temps.
$40, evoshield.com

New Balance Asymmetric Tech 3/4 Shirt

New Balance Asymmetric Tech 34 Shirt

With forearm-length sleeves and sweat-wicking materials, this swing shirt is great for batting practice or taking pre-game grounders.
$45, newbalance.com

Batting Gloves

Mizuno Batting Gloves: Swagger

Mizuno Batting Gloves: Swagger

"Swagger" lives up to its name, both in design and performance, with a 3-D chrome logo and palm technology that ensures a firm grip.
$40, mizuno.com

Evoshield Pro Style Battling Gloves

Evoshield Pro Style Batting Gloves

The custom-molding protective shield could save your season from an errant pitch. Bonus points for the cool-looking camo design.
$60, evoshield.com

Fielding Gloves

Mizuno MVP Prime SE

Mizuno MVP Prime SE

Oiled leather keeps this mitt feeling soft with enough firmness to scoop up ground balls.
$105, mizuno.com

Wilson A2000 1787 Mitt

Wilson A2000 1787 Mitt

With a shallow pocket for fast ball removal, the 1787 is perfect for aspiring infielders.
$230, wilson.com

Mizuno Global Elite VOP Infielder Glove

Mizuno Global Elite VOP Infielder Glove

Cushioned wrist pad secures the glove snugly, while rolled welting protects your digits.
$300, mizuno.com 

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock