25 Dumbbell Exercises You've Never Seen Before

STACK Expert Ben Boudro helps you break the monotony with 25 dumbbell exercises you may never have tried.

Are you tired of the same old dumbbell exercises? Looking to change up your routine a little? If so, I have exactly what you need: 25 dumbbell exercises you've probably never seen before. And if they're new to you, that means they'll be new to your muscles.

Variation is crucial for an effective training program. Variation allows you to train multiple muscle groups and produce different actions to which your body needs to adapt. Without a challenge, your muscles will stay the same. Having a structured plan is very important for development, but every once in a while, you need to put your body through a different stimulus to elicit new results. Plus, if you are like me, doing the same thing over and over is not your cup of tea. You need to keep your mind engaged and excited to train effectively.

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Watch the video above and try these dumbbell exercises today. Go slow at first and learn the proper technique. If you find one you like, plug it into your weekly routine.

  1. Lateral Lunge with Overhead Reach
  2. Squat with Diagonal Press
  3. Ballistic Rows
  4. Power Jacks
  5. Gladiators
  6. Piston Press
  7. Windmills
  8. Reverse Lunge with Overhead Lean
  9. Incline Kettlebell Rotations
  10. Turkish Get-Ups
  11. Power Pull Snatches
  12. Side-Lying Windshield Wipers with Fly
  13. RDL with Bicep Curl
  14. Discus Throw
  15. Single-Leg Clean and Press
  16. Seesaw Rows
  17. Floor Fly to Crunch
  18. Single-Leg Deadlift with Row
  19. Inline Lunge Pullover
  20. Squawks with Press
  21. Plank Transfers
  22. Bear Crawls to Hip Heists
  23. Single-Arm Snatch
  24. Pistol Pulls
  25. Push-Up Position Bicep Curls

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock