2K Sports "The Bigs 2"

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Writers note: 2K must use a crystal ball to pick their cover athletes. Just a week after The BIGS 2 release, cover boy Prince Fielder became the '09 MLB Home Run Derby champ. I also want to note that after playing the game for a week straight, I feel like I can go outside and hit a ball 400 feet. The game is nonstop, in-your-face baseball. Once you pick up the control, you won't want to put it down.

The Bigs 2 [2K Sports]
Release Date:
July 7 [Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii]
Inclement weather take you off the field for the day? Need a break from the weight room without losing your baseball focus? Here's an idea: dust off the video game control and go head-to-head with the best in MLB with 2K Sports' The Bigs 2.

Dustin Pedroia—or anyone else in The Show—has nothing on The Bigs 2 cover boy Prince Fielder. Though it may not be the most realistic baseball game, like MLB 2K9, The Bigs 2 combines America's favorite pastime with arcade-style action that will have reallife MLB players wishing they were as good as they are in this video game.

Enhanced game play includes legendary moves and mini-games to test MLB skills. One new feature is "Become a Legend" mode, which starts you in the Mexican leagues and makes you work your way up. The Bigs 2 keeps the thrills coming by letting you bust out the big stick to go yard and turn double plays Pedroia could only imagine.

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