3 Drills That Improve Your Softball Pitch Spin and Velocity

Perform these 3 drills to generate more spin and velocity on your pitches.

Spin and velocity are the lifeblood of a softball pitcher. Unfortunately, many pitchers make two common mistakes that limit the speed and velocity of their pitches.

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The first mistake is pivoting on your drive/drag leg, which limits the amount of power that can be transferred from your lower body into your pitches. Most of your power comes from the drive. Second, pitchers push the ball out of their hand, which reduces the spin applied to the ball and potential movement of the ball.

The following 30-day challenge will correct these issues and help you generate more power and spin on your pitches.

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Set-up: make a starting point by measuring six of your own foot lengths and mark the distance. Work on stepping at or beyond this mark with your stride leg.

Run and Drag

Begin as if you were on the mound with your feet staggered and your throwing arm foot slightly in front. Bend at the hips and knees to push off the mound like you would push off to sprint or steal a base. Extend your glove side leg while dragging the toe of your throwing side leg. Keep both toes and your navel toward the target and drag your shoe laces toward the target.

Drag and Turn

Starting the same as Run and Drag Drill, drive off the mound, keeping your toes and navel toward the target. Just before landing on your glove side leg, turn the foot sideways to initiate your hips opening. Plant your heel to balance quickly. Continue dragging your throwing side foot toward the target with your shoe laces toward the target as long as possible.

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Spin Toss

Begin every spin with a four-seam fastball grip. Practice using your fingertips to develop spin. Relaxed and loose fingers will create more spin. Toss the ball slightly higher than your head and watch for proper spin.

30-Day Challenge to Promote Greater Spin and Velocity on Your Pitches

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