3 Keys to Increase Your Pitching Velocity

Three things baseball pitchers need to do to improve their velocity.

Every pitcher can benefit from being able to throw a baseball with more velocity. Although pitching velocity may seem a God-given ability, research has shown that with the correct mechanics and training emphasis, you can improve your velocity quite a bit.

Here are the three most important training methods for a pitcher trying to produce more velocity.

1. Train Your Lower Body Hard

You can't shoot a cannon out of a canoe. Your base needs to be extremely powerful and well balanced to allow you to push off the mound and finish your overall delivery. By improving the power output in your lower body, you will be able to generate more force toward home plate, vastly improving your pitching velocity.

Best lower-body exercises to improve power output: Squats, Trap Bar Deadlifts, RDLs, Rear Foot-Elevated Split Squats, Hip Extensions, Pull-Throughs, Glute Ham Raises and Back Extensions

2. Train Your Upper Back

The musculature of the upper back consists of many small muscle groups, and overhead athletes place extremely high stress on those muscles, as well an on their entire shoulder girdle. The trapezius, levator scapulae, serratus anterior and rhomboids all play key roles in keeping the shoulder joint safe, and they need extra attention in training so they can operate correctly and function optimally to produce the most power possible.

Best upper-back exercises: Chin-Ups (all variations), Rows, Lat-Pulls, Face-Pulls, Prone Y's, T's A's, Pull-Aparts

3. Train Your Rotational Strength Explosively

Too often, athletes focus only on training their abs. This is definitely important, but what's even more important is how you train them. For instance if you do Planks, you will improve the stability of your core but do little to develop the rotational strength needed to throw a baseball faster. By rotating faster with your hips as well as your core, you will naturally produce more force and take a lot of stress off your shoulder in the process.

Best rotational exercises: Wood Chops, Med Ball Throws, Pallof Presses (all variations), Sledge Hammer Work, Landmine Rotations


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock