35 Triceps Exercises for Jacked Arms and a Strong Bench

Challenge your triceps five or six days a week with these exercise variations.

The idea to start the Triceps Project originated from me recognizing a lacking body part for me.  My Bench Press numbers were struggling, and I also noticed that many in my 4 a.m. crew—yes, we lift at 4 a.m.—were lacking lock-out strength. So, I decided to challenge myself to do a new triceps exercise each day for 5-6 days per week.

I've never benched anything over 375 pounds and believe that the Triceps Project can push me to some new personal records.  I've already felt a massive difference in my form and technique in the short time that I've been doing this, and I look forward to sharing this with you. Think about it this way...

You are doing a variation of an exercise each day, challenging yourself to explore new variations to get different stimulus.  As I've been practicing my bench form I'm discovering a new gear in my triceps that is allowing me to bench more weight.  This protocol will help those people who have trouble locking out a weight while benching.  They may be awesome off their chest but terrible in the lockout.

The Triceps Project prescribes 5 sets of 15 reps of whatever the day's variation. It doesn't have to be crazy weight either. We are aiming to keep your triceps engaged and firing correctly so when it comes time to bench you will be solid in your lockouts. By executing different triceps exercises from different angles, we are shocking the triceps and making the muscles stronger, resulting in greater strength and stability in your bench and other lifts.

Here's every video from the triceps project. And for complete training programs, check out my site at CoryGFitness.com.

Banded Skullcrushers

Decline Cable V Bar Presses

3/3 Kickbacks

One-Arm Cable Pushdowns With a Twist

Row Your Boat Tricep Presses

Straight-Arm Pushdowns

Bench Dips With a Narrow Hand Position - Arnold Style

Bodyweight Skullcrushers

Elbow-Out Dumbbell Press

3/4 Rep Close-Grip Bench Press

Tricep Kickbacks With a Twist

Overhead Cable Presses

Close-Grip Pin Presses

Iso Band Holds

Dumbbell Rollbacks With a Twist

Weighted Bench Dips

Pullover and Press

Low Cable V Bar Overhead Press

Banded Close-Grip 3/4 Bench Press With Feet Up

Walking Sled Tricep Extensions

Single-Arm Deep Tricep Extensions

Rope Rep Progression Holds

Elbows Out Band Extensions

Close-Grip RS Press

Decline Dumbbell Rollbacks

Straight Bar French Press

Single-Arm Reverse Pushdowns

Barbell Skullcrushers to the Bench

Tricep Rope Iso Holds

Behind-the-Head Band Extensions

Single-Arm Rope Pushdowns

Reverse Grip Pushdowns

100-Reps Straight Bar and Band Pushdowns

Overhead Rope Extensions With a Twist

Skullcrushers to the Chin