4 Recruiting Strategies Commonly Used by College Coaches

Northwestern University head football coach Pat Fitzgerald explains what he looks for when recruiting athletes.

In this video Northwestern University head football coach Pat Fitzgerald outlines four aspects he looks at when recruiting athletes. He lists them as:

Be a person of character

Conduct yourself, especially in the age of social media, in a way that that is respectful that won't negatively impact your athletic or professional future.

Strive to be great academically

Just qualifying for a scholarship isn't good enough, and more opportunities open to you when you keep academics as a priority.

Great effort on the field of play

Coach Fitzgerald and many other coaches will speak with your high school coach to gauge the effort you put into improving yourself athletically.

Be a great teammate

Coaches will look past your talents to see if the way you interact with your team is compatible with the culture around the program that is recruiting you.

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